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Let Them Walk

I found myself so frustrated, hurt, confused, and upset. In other words, I was in my feelings. I was hurt because I was in the position where I felt talked about, betrayed, and let down. I was upset because I found out some people who I considered friends were walking out of my life and I couldn’t understand why or what went wrong. I had so many unanswered concerns. I wanted to defend myself and plead my case.

But God was telling me, “Let them walk.” Those three words resonated in my spirit over and over and I knew that’s all God wanted me to do. He didn’t want me to plot revenge, He didn’t want me to explain myself, He didn’t want me to justify my actions, defend myself or even talk about the situation to anyone anymore. He simply wanted me to surrender and Let them walk. 

In my spirit for a long time, I had felt the tug on my heart of God asking me to let go of some people that were in my circle but I was not listening. Since I pray to God so much for discernment and freedom from anything hindering me, He faithfully uncovers the things I need to release. God will tug on our hearts and reveal to us the things we’re praying about. If we don’t listen to Him and surrender the things He’s asking us to let go of, we’ll come to a position where we are forced to let go. And that’s what was happening. I couldn’t understand what went wrong, what I did, why certain people no longer liked me, but God was telling me, “you aren’t meant to figure it out, just surrender.” 
If God’s asking us to surrender something, you can always count on He’s protecting you from self destruction or outer destruction. You can’t win everyone and you shouldn’t want to. When you make the decision to live for Christ, that comes with many people coming against you.
There will be many walks you have to walk alone but fear not, because you’re never really alone. Jesus is always your teammate. I always remind myself, if people hated Jesus and came against Him (the faultless One) then we shouldn’t be surprised when people dislike us. My home pastor’s wife had told my mom something that I will never forget, she said:

“Living for God and walking with Him, can be one of the loneliest walks ever, but it’s the one walk that’s worth it.”

When you are in true fellowship with God and deeply chasing after His heart, not everyone will understand that and some will hate on you simply because of your commitment to God over them. And that is okay. Let them walk. 
God wants to know, how far will you go for Him? Will you quit when you run into people who no longer like you? How about when people start talking about you? Spreading lies about you? How about when the person you love breaks your heart? Will you retaliate by taking matters into your own hands and plotting revenge? Will you try to hang on to people or things that God hasn’t destined for you to hang onto based on what feels good at the moment?
One thing I can say, the more I’ve dug deeper into God, it has been the best decision I could have ever made. To be in a true relationship with God and live for Him is the most rewarding way to live; but it also comes with many times of your faith being tested. People will walk away from you, it’ll feel like the whole world is going one way and Jesus is asking you to walk the opposite way. That route may seem as if it’s a route that no one else is following. But the reward is not found in people, Jesus holds your reward. Let them walk.
Don’t try to understand everything. Pray aggressively and worry about staying right with God above being right with man. When you’re right with God, naturally, He’ll sort out whatever needs to be sorted with the ones that He’s called to be in your life. And usually, when there’s no answers to why people are walking away, chances are, it’s nothing you did or maybe even it’s not anything they did, but perhaps it’s just God saving you from harm that you can’t see. Let them walk. God won’t ever remove anything from you without having something better prepared for you in his right hand.
Jesus Christ Changed My Life because He protects me from the unseen.
-Padriana Grace

“Do not be conformed to the behavior and customs of this world, but let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”

– Romans 12:2













  1. Beautiful!!!!
    What a powerful truth!! I love how you reminded us, that when someone leaves us, God will NEVER leave us!!! Hallelujah!!
    And on top of that He will replace it with something even better!!
    May God continue to Bless you!

    • Thank you!!! You’re a beautiful soul inside and out! You reflect God so beautifully! And I’m just honored that you impacted my walk with Christ so beautifully. You’re amazing! ❤️

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