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Bible Reading Challenge for December-28 Days of the Book of Matthew

Starting tomorrow, there will officially be 28 days left of December! 🎄 Join us tomorrow as we read the entire book of Matthew in 28 days. As we close out this year, challenge yourself with other ... READ the POST

My Vows to God.

Even when my sin tried to tear us apart, Even when I chose  my sin over You still, You kept Your eyes  on my wandered soul The barriers I put between us  out of my ... READ the POST

October’s Prayer

Lord, I give You praise for allowing me to see October. Thank You for covering me and carrying me into a new month. I pray this month dwells from Your spirit. May You bless this month’s opportunities, ... READ the POST

5 Simple Tips to Start Your Day Positive

Here are five easy activities to do every morning to kickstart your morning on a positive note.  💕 1. Right when you open your eyes— say, “thank you, God. Starting your day in gratitude ... READ the POST

How My Planner Changed My Life Greatly

1. Physically writing things down has been proven to be more effective.  I know I’m an old soul; and I'm a little old school in many ways, but I will FOREVER be a fan of paper planners and ... READ the POST

My Top 10 Worship Songs for Various Emotions

I love music because music is truly universal. Doesn't matter the gender, race, or ethnicity. When music reaches, the words have a powerful way of connecting people from all cultures and tribes. Here ... READ the POST

5 Reflections I’ve Learned to Help Maintain Gratitude

Even the strongest of us struggle with our faith. Life has a way of shaking us up with various emotions.  No matter who we are, where we come from, or what we have, we all face dark moments ... READ the POST

The Importance of Not Burning Bridges

I know in an era where it seems popular and socially acceptable to “match the energy given” or treat others how they treat you. My unpopular opinion, is—don’t. I want to speak on the importance of not ... READ the POST