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Start Somewhere

Sometimes, my dreams and aspirations feel incredibly big and incredibly overwhelming. Sometimes, like today, my mind races with new visions, new ideas, and new dreams of all the things I want to accomplish while I’m still here on this earth. Sometimes, I get overwhelmed about where to start. “Do I have enough time? Am I wasting my life away? When will it all launch off? How do I do it all? Where do I start? Do I have enough to start? Am I enough? Can I really do all of this? But how Jesus?

Every so often, these thoughts creep into my mind and try to defeat me. The enemy, will try to manipulate my mind into believing I need more of something or I can’t do something to keep me still. I am a strong believer that if Jesus put a dream inside my spirit there’s a reason for it.

Please be reminded that your aspirations are not just mere overflowing imaginations. Your dreams, your aspirations are God’s calling that He’s placed over you. Your dreams come from God. He places the idea in your head because you’re the one that has what it takes to bring the vision to surface. Everything starts with an idea. The idea is formulated in your mind, then you start becoming more passionate about it and thinking about it more often, that’s when the idea now transforms from an idea to a dream.

 Unfortunately, many of us stop with the dream. We dream about it and become complacent with just dreaming about it. Our dream starts expanding and progressively becoming bigger and bigger. To the point, that your dream is now so big, it starts to even scare you. It seems so big that it almost seems unattainable. It seems unattainable because maybe your dream is something that you feel you have no experience in. “If I have no experience in something, how do I know where to start?” Maybe it seems too big because the enemy has brainwashed you into believing that you don’t deserve your dreams. That because you’ve sinned, you are now thinking, “How could God bless me with my dreams and I’m so unworthy?”

 These thoughts come from the enemy. Would you believe me if I told you that even Satan is afraid of our dreams? Why? Because when you succeed, success brings growth, light, and glory to God. The enemy will do anything in his power to steal God’s glory. So what does he do? He attacks our mind. He drowns our minds with our insecurities and unending questions that questions our worth. Satan will do anything to keep you still. When we’re still for too long, we become comfortable accepting things that just get us by.

Your dreams are too precious and life changing to give up on. Don’t give the enemy your dream. The key is, you have to start somewhere. You defeat the enemy more every time you just start somewhere. We are accustomed to wanting things instant and overnight. Surfacing a dream takes preparation and obedience. We feel if we aren’t getting 1000 likes and 100 people believing in us that we don’t have enough. You don’t need 1 person believing in you when you have your one yes from God. As long as God gave you the go, Go for it. Show God that you accept your calling over your life by starting somewhere. Show God you’re thankful that HE saw you as qualified by birthing you the vision.
I believe the most powerful people and most life- changing individuals are the ones who have received a million no’s from the world but still believe in their calling even when the world doesn’t.

If you want to be a notorious writer, write. Write in your journal, write in your blog. If you want a company, give that company a name. Start there. Confess the name of your company daily. Speak over your dreams daily. On the days that your dreams seem out of reach, are the days to strive harder. If you don’t get those 100 likes on your writings, God looks at your attitude when you don’t have many followers. Keep writing for that one follower you do have. But most importantly, keep writing to feed yourself. Do it for yourself. You matter. What If I told you, you believing in yourself is the only belief that solely matters. Many times people won’t applaud you but someone is silently watching. People may not applaud you for many reasons, but your diligence determines your fate. God is always watching you.

If you think you don’t have enough connections, God is the one connection that knows every soul in the universe. He will give you all the connections you need when you’re connected to Him. God is the source. Start somewhere. Start small. Don’t be afraid of starting small. Many successful people started from their bedroom with just an idea. Just start somewhere. It’s beautiful to dream, you need your dream to start; but don’t stop there. Take that dream to some paper. Sketch out your ideas. The one ingredient is God. Your prayer life is key. Your prayer life will keep your dreams alive because prayer is how your soul gets rejuvenated. Simply, praying,
“God, I have this vision, I don’t know where to start, but I believe in my dream because I believe in You. Order my steps Lord.”

Starting somewhere requires doing things you may not feel like doing. If you want that dream to come to surface, it requires moving. It requires facing the unknown. It requires facing rejection. It requires doing things out of your comfort zone and praying big prayers. If you only dream about things that you alone can do, what do you need God for? If your dreams don’t make you depend on God, you aren’t dreaming big enough.

I remember dreaming of changing. I was tired of being insecure, timid, and mean, and I wanted to know God. I wanted to have a relationship with God. I did not use to be the person I am. At one point, I didn’t have a relationship with God, but one of my dreams was to have one. I’ve always known of God, but knowing of Him and being in a relationship with God are two totally different things. I was scared of people calling me a hypocrite for how I once was and then living for God. But one day, God started changing me. I started praying more. Simple prayers, that grew into deeper prayers. I started changing into a woman of God. It required me to start somewhere. It required me to walk away from people and old habits. It started with creating a prayer life; as a result, God has truly blossomed me. I think about who I use to be, and at one point it seemed unattainable to be the woman I am right now. But I had to start somewhere. I didn’t know how I’d do it, but I knew I didn’t want to be who I once was anymore. I am no where close to perfection and I fail daily but thank God for progression. I encourage you all to dream; but don’t stop there. Where do you want to be? Who do you want to be? Start somewhere. It starts with your prayer life and small steps. Just move. If no one else believes in you, God does.
-Padriana Grace

Jesus Christ Changed My Life because He believes in me.

Start Somewhere



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