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How My Planner Changed My Life Greatly

1. Physically writing things down has been proven to be more effective. 

I know I’m an old soul; and I’m a little old school in many ways, but I will FOREVER be a fan of paper planners and physically writing things down. 

There’s just something so powerful and therapeutic about writing/journaling. The JCCML Planner is a planner + journal in one. There are over 100 notes pages spread throughout the planner.

The JCCML Planner has simplistic pages that doesn’t make using a planner overwhelming because of the weekly and monthly outline pages that help map out my week and month clearly. Once I brain-dump on the outline pages, my everyday planning becomes easier because I know what I need to do for the week. 

2. Eases Anxiety.

I am someone whose mind truly goes a mile a minute. My brain is always thinking about the things I need to do or want to do. Often, this can be overwhelming. I get stressed when I feel I have so much to do but lack a solid plan on how to complete everything. Anxiety also is a factor that creeps on me when I feel too overwhelmed or overstimulated. 

When I create quiet time to sit in my planner and assign a day to tackle a task and make a schedule, this really does make my life less tense. Seeing things written helps make my to-do’s feel less intimidating. 

Weekly motivational quotes as you start your week. Written by Padriana Grace.

3. An Undated Planner Allows Consistency and Flexibility

I’m an avid planner user. I’ve always loved planners and the idea of using them consistently. I wasn’t consistent with any planner ever until I designed my own. Let’s be honest, how many of us bought a really cute planner and was so excited to use it, and then, only found yourself using it like maybe three times?  ME TOO! I didn’t want the same experience of being inconsistent with my planner. I didn’t want to find myself throwing my planner away from only using it one day, and never using it again because I missed so many dates. That’s why the JCCML Planner is undated. I can go at my own groove and pick up right where I left off. No more wasting pages!

Having the planner sheets undated, allows me to be flexible and the freedom to pick up right where I left off. This eliminates having to feel like I’m wasting my money when I miss a date and can no longer go back to missed day. 

Every weekly planning spreadsheet has a weekly scripture to allow you to read your word daily.

4. Helps maintain your faith. 

As a Christian woman and a busy woman on the go, I truly wanted a planner that could feed my faith and keep my life in order. I desired to read my bible consistently as well because the scriptures is one source that helps me combat my anxiety. I find comfort and strength in scriptures. Especially when I feel a scripture is talking directly to me. So, what did I do? I made sure to include weekly and monthly scriptures on every planning page within the planner.

The JCCML Planner also has a suggested focus scripture page with over 50 scriptures for various emotions. So, when I find myself in a new chapter or feeling stressed, there’s a scripture for those emotions to meditate on that I can rely on. 

If you’re someone desires to read your bible more but struggle with knowing where to start, The JCCML Planner is a bible component that will give you your weekly and monthly scriptures to focus on along with TWO PAGES of Suggested Focus Scriptures that will help you guide your bible time. 

The suggested Focus Scripture pages has over 50 scriptures for various emotions to help your bible time.

This literally changed my life because sometimes I do forget to read my word or I get so busy in my day to day life I miss out on reading my word. My JCCML Planner eliminates this struggle  because scriptures are now apart of my everyday routine when I write in my planner each day. Everyday I use my planner, there’s a scripture printed on the page I use to plan my to-do’s and schedule for the day. Simultaneously, I’m staying organized and completing my tasks, while also reading my word. 

When I write in my planner, this is my time to just breathe and brainstorm and brain dump all the things I know I need to handle. When my tasks are written and broken up into different days it makes my to-do list not feel so intimidating or impossible to complete. 

Here’s a glance at the weekly outline pages to brain-dump your week.

5. Allows you to take life one day at a time

My planner gives me grace to go one day at time and positive encouragement to keep my spirit lifted. 

I know how dark life can get, which is why the different quotes and scriptures helps me find light and remind me I’m not alone. 

If you’re someone like me, who struggles with anxiety and organization, check out my bestie that seriously makes my days operate so much smoother. 

Friend, keep going, keep fighting. You got this! 💕

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