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5 Simple Tips to Start Your Day Positive

Here are five easy activities to do every morning to kickstart your morning on a positive note.  💕

1. Right when you open your eyes— say, “thank you, God.

Starting your day in gratitude to God for allowing you to see another day. You opening your eyes, means another day you have purpose to fulfill. God isn’t done with your story. Let him use you!

2. Wash your face when you wake up.

This small activity does wonders. The water wakes you up and boosts your spirit. This is a great way to wake you up even when you may just want to crawl back in bed. Washing your face gives you a fresh start!

3. Engage in a small token (activity) that genuinely brings you joy and makes you feel happy. This could be simply making yourself your favorite  coffee, tea, or breakfast. For me, whenever I stop at Starbucks or make my fav coffee even at home, this remains one of the highlights of my day. It gives me something to look forward to as I’m waking up and getting ready for the day.

4. Create at least five minutes of quiet time journaling or using your JCCML Planner. Personally, whenever I start my day using my planner, this calms any chaos that may be happening around me and halts all the anxiety happening within me from all the tasks I need to do. Having a clear schedule and plan makes my tasks feel less scary and overwhelming.

5. Pray over your day & speak a scripture over yourself.

Y’all, praying doesn’t have to be long, fancy, and drawn out. I pray on my way to work in my car and it has been a game changer. Sometimes my prayers are long, sometimes they are quick. But the thing is, this allows me to make sure I’m talking to God everyday. My morning car rides, are my time me & God connect. I ask for His protection, spirit, and guidance over my day and all that I’m included in within my day. This is where I pray over everyone who I encounter today and ask that I be patient and kind with everyone despite what I may be feeling or how someone makes me feel. I pray to reflect God’s spirit in hopes to connect everyone with God just from their interaction with me. It’s truly been helping me have more patience and be less flustered and irritable when dealing with people and my students.

Hope your day is amazing friends! 💕



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