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My Top 10 Worship Songs for Various Emotions

I love music because music is truly universal. Doesn’t matter the gender, race, or ethnicity. When music reaches, the words have a powerful way of connecting people from all cultures and tribes. Here are my top 10 worship songs that always get me through.

  1. Higher Place by Desmond Pringle. This song has a way of calming me down and reminding me that whenever I’m overwhelmed, stressed, or worried, all I have to do is remember to go back to God and prayer mode. My time with God takes me to a secret place of safety.
  2. Bless Me (Prayer of Jabez) by Donald Lawrence. This song is a song I go to anytime I’m feeling discouraged about what my future holds. As an entrepreneur, the road gets challenging. There are many ups and downs. But the lyrics to this song get me back up every time and empower me to keep going. These lyrics are direct affirmations anyone should affirm over their life, business, and success.
  3. Deliver Me by Donald Lawrence featuring Le’Andria Johnson. Phewwwww! This song has truly gotten me through some dark seasons. This song is my go-to for surrendering. When I need to let go and let God, this song always speaks to my heart and circumstances deeply.
  4. We Fall Down by Donnie McClurkin. This song has been my song for YEARS. No matter how many years go by, this song always hits and remains relevant. This song always reminds me that in life, we will forever fall down; however, it’s about getting back up. This song points me back to God as my redeemer; and reminds me how God has always helped me find the strength to get back up after ever fall.
  5. Imagine Me by Kirk Franklin. This song was my go to when I was finding my way to Christ. This song was my song that helped me envision the woman that I was striving to become someday. Much of the woman I once imagined becoming, I indeed have become. This song helped me fight for me.
  6. There is a King in You by Donald Lawrence. This song helped me with my long battle of low self-esteem. I struggled with my identity for years. I struggled with knowing my worth. This song helped me realize, I come from royalty. I come from the Highest King. My Lord and Savior, Jesus. This song helps me pick up my armor and reminds me who I am and whose I am, EVERY TIME.
  7. Oceans (Where my Feet May Fail) by Hillsong United. I heard this song while I was in college and it always stood out to me and made me be still. The lyrics are so powerful and beautiful. This song reminds me to rest in Him. The lyrics remind me that this world is so much bigger than me; but this world is not mine to conquer alone. As long as I keep my eyes on Jesus, He will keep my feet on solid ground and everything will be okay.
  8. Never Give Up by Yolanda Adams. My mom dedicated this song to me when I was a teenager in middle school. This song is simply beautiful and has helped me dream big and pray ever bigger. This song spoke to the little girl in me that had big dreams. Now, this song speaks to the woman in me who has seen many of my prayers and dreams answered. This song still helps me to never give up on my dreams that I still await to see. I know my dreams are all coming together because God is the one who planted them within me.
  9. I Told The Storm by Greg O’Quin & Joyful Noyze. This song will take you to a place of complete declaration. I remember hearing this song in one of my lowest seasons and declaring “this too shall pass.” No matter what is happening in my life, this song simply declares I will not be defeated. I’m reminded that in life, it will most certainly rain; but we can openly declare to every storm that comes our way, “I will be not be destroyed.”
  10. Order my Steps in Your Word by GMWA Women of Worship. Now, this song is old school. But, this is truly my ultimate declaration. We make so many plans in this lifetime. This song reminds me that I need God ordering my steps. I need His divine guidance guiding me. We may make many plans, but God’s plans are 10x better. This song reminds me to go to God as my Leader, Father, and Protector. As long as God is the one ordering our steps, our pathway will forever be blessed.

These songs are oldies, but goodies! If you know me, you know that I am an old soul. These songs have so much testimony within them. So much soul poured into them. They remind me I am not alone. I hope they bless you as much as they bless me! Leave a comment of your fav worship songs for me to check out! Love y’all!

xoxo, Padriana


  1. Awesome Worship songs!🙏🏾
    I have so many but one of my favorite that I’m listening to right now in this season I’m in is : ALWAYS PEACE by Brian Courtney Wilson

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