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Friends, what’s in you must come out of you.

I have been away from the website/blog because I’ve been planning releasing the big secret… THE JCCML PLANNERS!

Introducing…👀 CANDIED TOFFEE STRIPE 🍭🧁☕️ Her stripes bloom with varies shades of pink with a splash of toffee. Each stripe signifying strength, resilience, and femininity. She’s perfect for the woman who is vibrant, fun, and sweet. She represents the bold woman who’s earned her stripes from her own journey. Grab your sweet treat, connect with Jesus daily, and create the life you dream of!
She’s all things classy and refined. She’s perfect for the woman walking in her purpose with grace, strength, and pretty style. Her pinstripes are all things detailing sophistication. She represents timeless beauty. She’s perfect for the woman with structure and determination. She’s made to win and won’t give up. Grab your tea, write it down, and make it happen!
Introducing…👀 SWEET FROST PINK 🎀🍦 She’s light, soft, and mighty. She represents the woman who entails serenity and love. She’s perfect for the woman who brings tranquility and light to any room she walks in. She’s all things elegant and dainty. She adds the perfect accent for your desk and any bag. Grab your favorite pen, find your quiet place, and plan the life you envision for yourself!
Introducing…👀 STRAWBERRY MACAROON 🍓🍧 What can we say? Her bold, vibrant, and dazzling color speaks for itself. She’s going to grab your attention and make a statement. She’s everything brave and set apart to conquer. She knows what she brings. She’s perfect for the woman walking in her truth and ambitions. She’s going to dream big and pray harder. Grab your fruit, pray big, and LEAP!
Introducing… 👀 HAZELNUT TOFFEE! ☕️🌰 She comes in a toffee nude! She’s perfect for the woman who likes things simple, structured, and sophisticated. She sits pretty and classy next to anything! Grab your latte, feed your faith, and get things DONE! The perfect calm with a sprinkle of all things charmed and elegant!


For 3 years, I designed this planner. Truly, from my blood, sweat, and tears. I took everything within me to produce and create The JCCML Planner.

It’s like I had so much within me, that I knew needed to come out. So, I took my pain, lessons, hardships, success, happiness, dreams— everything within me, and I poured it all into the planner.

Inside The Planner

The quotes found throughout the planner, I wrote from a place of transparency. I wrote from a place of needing my own words. I was writing for myself and to myself. I had to. I knew that if someday, I could flip through the planner that I created, and read my words telling me to keep going, despite whatever I was going through at that time—that it would be worthwhile. I knew it was within me and needed to come out. So, I kept going. I kept designing despite what was happening around me.

Every time I felt I was hit by life,  I poured it back into the planner. I needed affirmations written by me that truly hit me when I read them. I wanted the words and scriptures within the planner to truly make me pause and reflect on how far I have come every time I read them.

As I started designing, it turned into not just for me, but bigger than me. I was writing for me and you. You? yes, you. The one reading this blog post, indeed. I trust God led us both here. I pray you never forget how mighty you are. How incredibly important to God you are.

I pray you know and believe that your dreams didn’t just come to you by ironic chance; I pray you believe they came from God and that surely and truly, He wants to bring it all to life.

Keep dreaming big. Keep praying even harder.


After months and MONTHS of waiting, praying, and more waiting, SHIPMENT DAY FINALLY CAME! 1000 planners were delivered to ME! This day, felt like all my hard work, praying, and stepping out on faith, was all WORTH IT!

I hope you take a moment to checkout The JCCML Planner. It is so special to me and I think you will love it.

The JCCML Planner is the ultimate Faith Based Planner designed to add balance to your life and to create and preserve your walk with Jesus. You CAN combine crushing your goals, daily tasks, and busy schedule WHILE ALSO including God every step of the way.

This planner will remind you daily that God’s Grace is with you, while helping you keep focus and tackle your priorities.

JesusChristChangedMyLife…because He always carries me through.

With love,

Padriana Grace

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