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Silence Those Internal Silent Storms

Like many of you, I’ve been through my seasons of storms. But, I think the most killer storms of them all—the silent ones. 

What are Silent Internal Storms?

What exactly are silent storms? 

I define silent storms as the internal ones that aren’t screaming loudly to the point that the world around you can hear. Silent storms are the ones that only you and God know the very depths of. The ones that the world may never know you were fighting; or could never understand the depths of the pain you feel or have felt. 

Those silent storms that are internal can be paralyzing. 

Silent storms are the thoughts that the enemy tries to place in our minds and attach with fear. Don’t let anyone tell you, your thoughts don’t matter. 

Your thoughts matter

Your thoughts are the root to everything. Our thoughts are where everything we produce originates from. No matter who we are or where we come from, we all get in our thoughts. 

The root of our thoughts are extremely important if we want to be able to experience true happiness and peace. It’s important to be able to recognize that not all our thoughts are from us. The enemy has been plotting against God’s Holy Will before the beginning of time. It is important to remember that he hasn’t stopped even modern day today. 

And the people that the enemy comes to attack most, are the ones brave and determined enough to stand against his twisted thoughts. The ones set out to live a life of purpose for God’s glory—you better believe the enemy comes 1000x harder to kill, steal, and destroy purpose that aims to glorify God. 

So it is our duty, to stand firm. To cast out thoughts that aren’t from God. To fight against the enemy rather than partner with him.

We partner with the enemy anytime we choose to listen to deceiving lies and attacks of the enemy. When we start questioning our own purpose that come from God Himself, we hand over our faith in God. If we aren’t partnering with God, essentially,  we invite partnership with the enemy. It is impossible to choose the world and God at the same time. Generation after generation, this world will grow accustomed to many things that are not of God, but God’s way is forever and we must always choose God over the world. 

Silent battles can be the internal thoughts that keep us in bondage. Thoughts of doubt, thoughts of shame, thoughts of the worst, thoughts of replaying old wounds, thoughts of brokenness, thoughts of confusion, are all thoughts that don’t come from Christ. 

Anytime you find your mind creeping back to that place away from God’s thoughts, fight back with declaring, “These are not thoughts from God” and choose higher thoughts. 

You have a right, but more than that, by God’s Grace, you have the Holy privilege to choose higher thoughts. 

Choose thoughts like this: 

“God, be the center of my thoughts. Place your gentle thoughts in my mind”

“Lord, create in me a steadfast mind filled with your truth and love. “

“Lord, help me to silence the thoughts and attacks of the enemy—keep my heart on You.”

“Help me Lord, to be bigger than the lies of the enemy.”

“Father, carry out in me what you have started.”

“Be my strength today God, to carry on.”

“Show me how to go on Father.”

“Lead me and govern my thoughts, Lord.”

“Not my will Lord, but Your’s be done.”

Keep going!

Friend, I wish I could tell you that suddenly having positive thoughts was an easy and quick thing. But, it’s not. It’s an ongoing journey. Everyday, you have to choose the type of thoughts that you want to govern your mind and take control of that. 

I have many days where I fail and my silent storms overpower me. But one thing I can say in confidence, it takes being willing to say—NO MORE. I have to make the decision each day to try again and keep learning. Just like you. We are all on a journey but it takes true courage to go to God for the way. 

Keep going. We are in this together. Surely, God won’t let us fail. He loves us too much. Hang in there! 💕

-Padriana Grace

#JesusChristChangedMyLife because though storms come, He helps me to endure. 


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