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Be Kind To Yourself.

This is not just for women. This is essential for women and men. I think something that worries me the most as humans, is how unkind we are to ourselves.

Some of us treat other people way better than we treat ourselves. Some people live only for others. As an ambassador for Christ, we should aim to serve others indeed. It is not a bad thing to help others and treat others kind, as lovers of Jesus, this is one of our duties, to sow seeds onto others.

But what about you? 

It’s very hard to pour into others when you’re dead internally. When you take care of everyone else, and every thing else, but neglect your own happiness and needs, you’re draining yourself.

Do you ever find yourself having a day where you just feel empty? You feel sad and don’t really know why? You feel tired? I’m talking internally tired. Taking care of everyone and everything and leaving yourself out is abuse to yourself. Be kind to your self. Be your own teammate.

There are enough people in this world who will try to work against you, there are enough people who will try to burn you out, don’t be one of those people to your own self.

If you remember, that you’re your own teammate, you’ll know what is required/expected of you as a teammate. Being a teammate requires patience and unity. Being on a team requires working together. Work with yourself not against yourself. Be kind to yourself.

I had a day where I set aside a whole day just for Jesus and myself. I had planned this day in advance. It was a Saturday where I decided to take off just for me. I had a speaking engagement that I knew important people would be at but I also knew I was feeling spiritually empty. I couldn’t get up in front of people and pour life into them when I was empty myself. So, I took that Saturday and instead of agreeing to speak, I politely declined the invitation to spend time with myself. I called that day, “Me God’s day.”

From the top of my morning, I turned my phone off. Those were the rules. My mom once asked me,

“Would you check your social media, or check your phone in a meeting with your boss?” I said “no.”

And my mother said, then don’t do it to God’s time.”

So, I had that in mind when I planned my “Me and God’s date.” My rule was no phone on (not just turning my phone on silent) but for my phone to be turned off completely. I needed no distractions.

I knew I needed a “Me & God” date because my spirit felt fragile. I was doubting myself a lot. I was feeling insecure and uneasy. Those emotions can lead to us breaking if we don’t tend to Jesus and ourselves.

So, during my date with God, from the top of the morning until the next day, my phone was off. I woke up and started my day off in prayer. I told God everything. I told God exactly how I was feeling. I told Him where it hurt and that I needed help and healing. After prayer, I journaled. I just wrote to God. I wrote my feelings out. Then, I read the bible and studied God’s word. Then, I made myself something to eat. Still, my phone was off and I just ate with God. I listened to worship music, and I watched a Christian movie with God. I analyzed the movie and analyzed what I got out of the movie and how I could apply it to my life. I also read a book. I had a full day of, reading, journaling, analyzing, praying, worshiping, eating healthy, and just being at Jesus’s feet.

By the end of that day, I had felt better than I had ever felt. I can still remember the divine peace I felt. I felt serene clarity and I felt powerful and unstoppable. I needed a day to just take care of me. I needed a day to refuel myself and sharpen my spiritual wisdom.

All this to say, date yourself. Go on dates alone. Reflect on you. Ask yourself, what’s hurting you? Are you the very own one hurting yourself? Are you hurting yourself by stalking your ex’s page even though you know it’s hurting you every time you look? Ask yourself, “Why am I working against myself? Why am I being unkind to myself?” 

Looking at what your ex is doing, does more damage to you. Don’t go looking for things that you know will hurt you or upset you, be kind to yourself.

Those times when someone’s hurt your feelings, you feel you’re falling apart, anxiety is at it’s peak, you’re dealing with a break-up, or you’re just simply having a rough day, tend to yourself and spend time with God.

Go get some ice cream alone, go see a movie alone, go get your nails or toes done. Tend to your own needs. You’re never really alone on those dates, call your solo dates, you and God dates.

Work on healing yourself. Find out the root to your insecurities, find the root to what’s causing your emptiness. Take alone time to work on giving your own self attention and love. Mediate. Reflect on where you need to grow.

Alone time is time to gain clarity, time to discover healing and unveil secrets about yourself that’s been causing you hindrance.  

Reflect on what you can do to make YOU feel better. You matter. Your own metal health matters. Be kind to yourself. 

To end this, here are seven tips you don’t need to be apologetic about:

7 tips you don’t need to feel bad about:

1. Setting time aside to take care of you. 
2. Saying no to people/things that are causing you unhealthy stress. 
3. Declining an invitation in order spend time with yourself. 
4. Protecting your own peace. 
5. Changing your mind. 
6. Standing up for yourself kindly. 
7. Being kind to yourself. 

JesusChristChangedMyLife because He believes I deserve self-love. 

-Padriana Grace

 He who gets wisdom loves his own soul; He who keeps understanding will find good. -Proverbs 19:8



  1. 🙌💕 Amen!! Thank you for your transparency. Sometimes we take this opportunity & freedom for granted. As a married woman with 2 kids, it’s just as important to make it a priority that I date Jesus as I did when I was single. Obviously, my husband & kids are also a priority but not before the Lord & sometimes we get so caught up in our daily routine that we miss out on how crucial it is that we make time for us & God! Thank you for this post!! God bless. 💕

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