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A special note for all who have endured and are enduring life’s hardships.

That you’re incredibly gifted
That you’re incredibly worthy
That everything you ever had to go through,
was molding you,
That nothing you’ve ever gone through was in vain,
And that you have really, really, really, come so far.
For you have bloomed and
are blooming.

If you read that poem, I hope you know that it was indeed written for you. Even though I may not know you personally reading this, or I may personally do—please know you were still in the presence of my mind when writing the above poem.

When I wrote that poem, I was writing to all of you. I was thinking of each person who might come across this poem and resonate with the words. To you all that read this poem and suddenly went back to flashes from your past that stung… I hope you know, that I’ve been there too… and I really am so proud of you.

I know that if you were able to resonate with the words within that poem, then we share a mutual understanding of life—that we are all trying; and we are all coping with something. We are all doing the best we can. We all have a story.

So friend, my story may not be your story, but we both have a story. I’m proud that you’ve gotten this far in life and somehow our paths have connected just by you reading this. ❤️

So to any of my readers, that have experienced:internal pain, heartbreak, trauma, rejection, identity issues, low self esteem, toxic relationships, rock bottom, anxiety, battling with thinking you’re not good enough, abuse, abandonment, or suffering from decisions you made in the past—I stand with you and I’ve been there too. That poem was indeed for you. So I hope you know….You really have come so far and you’ve endured so much. I trust that if you made it here to this blog post, it wasn’t by mistake or coincidence. You were meant to read the confirmation that— you’ve come so far.
Remember, For every season, there is a reason. And there is purpose behind your pain.
I’m rooting for you.

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Remember, we are better together. Be kind, be gentle, be love. ❤️


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