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Today’s Prayer: 7.18.17


Dear God,

You are overflowing with goodness. You are the answer the world needs. Father, today, I’m stretching my arms out to You further than I have. This world needs You more than ever. Souls need You. Father, I pray for broken hearts, broken spirits, broken dreams, and discouraged minds. May You renew and rebirth our minds and hearts. I pray  that You fill me up with Peace. Give me the wisdom to not retaliate with hate to the ones who’ve hurt me. Help me to be a light on the darkest days. Help me to look up to You for better days. I cry out to You, with a hungry cry. Feed me all the good that comes from You and help me to feed it to others. Show me what to do with my hands to serve You better. In Jesus’ Name.



  1. Yes!! Feed me Lord!! My spirit my heart my soul needs it!! Amen YaYa!! Thanks Cousin. 😘

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